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tv   Good Morning Washington 600  ABC  March 12, 2012 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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e and of republicin the republican presidential race. >> and good morning washington continues. >> this is ""good morning washington" on your side. >> good morning, washington. monday morning, march 12. looking at the washington monument. sitting up to be a fantastic week on the weather front. thanks for waking up with us. i am steve cheveney. >> i am pamela brown. cynne simpson as the week off. first, lisa baden with breaking details on the b-w parkway. >> a hit-and-run accident. there were four victims from this. northbound. park police were quick to respond as well as newschopper 7. live pictures. traffic getting by to the right leaving prince george is hospital all the way to the beltway southbound. traffic , no delays.
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they're not even stopping to watch as a flashing lights. adam caskey next. >> mercury rising this week. springlike weather pattern taking shape. get used to the warm weather this week. well above average. we will look and members now. we are in the 40's around metro area. 46 in bethesda d.c., and alexandria. 43 in warrenton. 35 in leesburg. it is going to be a warm afternoon. plan for the upper 60's later on this afternoon with increasing clouds and a chance of light rain if around and after bedtime tonight. we will have a few showers while we are sleeping, near 50. in the '70s tomorrow. it will be that way all week. >> we will get used to it. thanks so much. a university of maryland student is being held for a psychiatric evaluation if after a threatening a shooting rampage on the college park campus. >> authorities broke up a potential plot after the 19-0 alexander song posted details on
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line. john gonzalez is on campus this morning with reaction from students. >> a sophomore was detained and arrested inside his dorm on campus that at the university of maryland. he is undergoing the mental evaluation. police cannot find any weapons on him or in his room, but they do believe this was a serious threat. university of maryland department of public works safety officials say 19-year- old student alexander song, of scott olsen, maryland, posted a number of spreading online messages saturday night disturbing and a score friends to contact campus police immediately. >> it is terrifying for me only because this campus, i don't think it is ultra safe, but i never think of anybody getting shot or there being a mass shooting >> . he wrote, "i will be on a shooting rampage tomorrow on campus. hopefully i will kill enough people to make international news. stay away from the call tomorrow
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at 1:30." >> it is scary that a student would want to hurt a lot of other students. >> students we spoke with are grateful that authorities acted quickly. i never talked this would happen. >> pipa sophomore a in the honors program is no longer allowed on campus and his status as a student has been suspended. he said the rampage would end when campus police killed him, according to his post. the young man was detained so quickly that school officials say they never issued a campus violence. he has been charged with misdemeanor disorderly conduct. more charges are pending. reporting live, john gonzalez, abc 7 news. >> the taliban has vowed revenge for the death of 16 afghan civilians over the weekend. u.s. military is still investigating the massacre. the pentagon says a u.s. soldier killed 16 people including women and children during an unprovoked shooting spree. brianne carter is live in the newsroom with disturbing details can and the impact the
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attack could have on the military's mission. >> u.s.-led forces are stepping up security as the taliban vowing revenge for the shootings. investigators are said to be interrogating the alleged shooter, a 38-year-old sergeant from fort lewis washington, serving his fourth deployment overseas. the father of two was assigned to support a special operations units with the green berets or navy seals in the stability operation. the army staff sgt apparently carrying an automatic weapon and a pistol left his face and went to the nearby afghan village and shot the victims at random, then down at least 16, including nine children and three women. president obama calling this tragic and shocking while its cat scan counterpart, who the obama administration has spoken to, is calling this an assassination that cannot be forgiven. >> this was an individual acting
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alone, not with authority. we also have the individual, the suspects, in u.s. custody. >> while the investigation is ongoing, we understand that a coffeehouse in washington state near the base where the soldier is from is planning a vigil for later today. a new poll released yesterday shows that more than 50% of americans favor withdrawal from afghanistan. live in the newsroom, brianne carter, abc 7 news ". thank you. the commonwealth of virginia today will begin its defense of awful death lawsuit against virginia tech university. the parents of two students killed in the 2007 massacre claimed the school delayed issuing an alert after if the two shootings in a campus dorm. school officials say they did all they could with the information that had. an american journalist who died while covering the violence in syria will be laid to rest today. a funeral mass for marie colvin will be held in new york. she was killed during shelling in the city of homs on separate
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22. she reported from some of the world's most dangerous places. she was only 55 years old. >> turning to the 2012 campaign, the republican presidential candidates will spend the day trying to prove themselves to southern voters. alabama and mississippi go to the polls tomorrow. there will be caucuses in hawaii and american samoa. rick santorum hopes to build on his victory in kansas on saturday and hopes newt gingrich will leave the race and set up a battle with mitt romney. >> a better opportunity to make sure we nominate a conservative is to give us an opportunity to go head-to-head with governor romney. hopefully that will occur sooner rather the later. >> is the front-runner, but not a very strong front-runner. almost all conservatives are opposed to him, which are the base of the party. >> gingrich thinks and he will win alabama and mississippi but romney is gaining support in a
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alabama. >> thanks so much. get your pencils sharpened sports fans. find out wt. the n.c.a.a. released its brackets last night. the no. 1 seeds are kentucky, north carolina syracuse, and michigan state. georgetown did well with a three seed in the midwest. virginia is a 10 seed. vcu and is in with a 12 seed this year. loyola of maryland is 15. among the teams left out this year, seton hall, drexel, and university of washington. the first play-in games are tomorrow and the main action begins on thursday. >> and the georgetown hoyas will play on saturday afternoon. >> i am pulling for them. it's monday morning, 47 degrees >> . an extra penny per day. gas prices on the way again.
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>> prince harry's good will tour heads south to brazil. >> and the seven-day foreca
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>> 6:10. welcome. a beautiful ride in virginia. we are taking your to 395 traffic to head across the 14th street bridge. everything is open but the roosevelt bridge and -- everything is open at the roosevelt bridge. there was a crash no amount at
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450, but everything is open now. >> get ready for spring light once all week long. temperatures will be well above average. but the numbers right now to start this monday morning and a new work week. 36 in martinsburg 45 in hagerstown, 50 in quantico, the 47 in the district. we are in the 40's for the most part. a few neighborhoods in the 30's. on our way to the upper 60's this afternoon with increasing clouds and becoming mostly cloudy after lunchtime today with high temperatures in the upper 60's. in the '70s tomorrow. get used to it. all week long through the weekend we will be well into the '70s. areas of rain expected later tonight stands there's a chance of an isolated thunderstorm tomorrow afternoon. that's your forecast. >> prince harry of britain wrapping up his visit to the caribbean and south america. the third in line to the british throne participated in a charity polo match in brazil if to raise
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money for his children's charity. he's there to help promote ties with britain and visited several caribbean countries to celebrate his grandmother's diamond jubilee, queen elizabeth. he was dancing and singing and doing everything. if it is 6:00 of on this monday morning. >> brief for relief from soaring gas prices is over. >> the cost of connecting with voters. how much vincent gray has spent on town halls and other outreach efforts over the past year, coming up. >> first, a disaster that tran oh dear... oh dear! ohh dear... i'm not sure exactly what happened here last night. i was out helping people save money on their car insurance. 2 more! you're doing it! aren't they doing great?! hiiiiiii!! come sweat with me!
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massive tsunami if swept the country. today japan is still slowly recovering from the disaster that changed that country forever. >> the nation paused for a moment of silence at the exact moment the quake struck. bells tolled for 19th thousand people dead or still missing. the earthquake also triggered a near meltdown at the fukushima. nuclear fukushima. >> another sad anniversary. sunday marked one year since the bethesda yoga store employee was brutally murdered on the job. jayna murray was found beaten to death inside lululemon store. her co-worker brittany norwood was eventually convicted for the attack. yesterday the store and held an open house in her memory. a flower arrangement with the letter j placed in the front window and pictures were posted inside the store of jayna murray. >> investigators are trying to figure out what started as far the damage to a southeast washington home. flames broke out overnight. firefighters quickly put out the blaze and there are no reports
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of injury. d.c. police are still looking for the gunman opened fire inside a northwest ihop. ihop this happened around 6:30 sunday morning at the 14th street in columbia heights. the shooting may of stemmed from an argument. the victim is still in critical condition. >> of gaithersburg priest at the center of a communion controversy has been placed on leave. the archdiocese of washington suspended father marcel guarnizo for intimidating behavior. he was serving as a parochial picker at st. john neumann parish. in february he made headlines for denying a lesbian communion at her mother's funeral. the archdiocese has already apologized for his actions. >> it's costing a lot of money for d.c. mayor vincent gray to connect with voters. is it lustration has spent nearly $1 million to hold a summit, a town hall meetings and other gatherings. he has held 25 such events since taking office and that includes
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more than $14,000 for a teleprompter and $5,000 on a speechwriter. maryland this evening senators will begin -- maryland senators this evening will resume debating smoking in a vehicle with a passenger younger than eight years old. until that age, children are required to ride in car seats, so that is how police will n know. >> a penny more to fill up the gas stank. and the lorax topped the box office. >> a glimmer of hope on gas prices. a gallon of regular gas is now $3.79 a gallon. that is 30 cents more than a month ago. but the price increases may be slowing. things are looking up for young job-seekers. the agglomerate fell last week to its lowest level in three years.
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-- unemployment rate fell. swiss voters will still have six weeks of vacation. the lorax was stopped a box of this again with $39 million in ticket sales. it's the top grossing movie so far this year. that is america's money. >> whitney houston's daughter is speaking out for the first time since their mother's death. >> i can hear her voice in spirit talking to me, tell me i'm right here, i got you. >> bobbi kristina told oprah winfrey she is doing as well as possibly can. the 19-year-old describes her mother as her everything. she also says that olivier martinez she plans to get into singing, acting, and dancing.
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whitney houston the october 11 at a beverly hills hotel. it is not known what killed her. >> it's time to check traffic and weather every ten minutes. >> there have been improvements on the roads. >> the accident on the b-w parkway is gone. looks decent and the beltway and prince george's hospital. we will take you to the beltway with newschopper 7. looking over greenbelt and college park and silver spring and the beltway traffic looks ok as you can see. i am giving you a picture of traffic on 270 southbound, a backup all of a sudden. we are checking to see if there's an accident in germantown., coming in to germantown we will check on the weather now with adam caskey. >> my garden will grow this week. >> you are excited about it. >> and i'm excited about pulling out my spring clothing. >> the yellow goes with the easter theme.
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>> all good. >> it will be very mild this week and probably through next week. does not mean it will stay that way all the way through april. if we always get a shift in temperatures this time of year. we will get a springlike weather pattern that will hold tight for least a week. if it's 47 in the district, 36 in manassas. martinsburg in the 30's. 46 in winchester, 39 in gaithersburg. this afternoon we will be well above average especially for the rest of the week. average high is in the mid 50's whereas we will be in the mid to upper 70's most of this week and into the upcoming weekend. areas of clouds moving overhead this morning. star in the day with a fair amount of sunshine with an increase in the clouds and thin overcast this afternoon into the evening. that could lead to a few areas of rain later on today especially this evening around
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and after bedtime tonight futurecast. shows the leading edge of rain moving into the metro area about 11:00 p.m. bentsen spot light showers while we are sleeping. tomorrow afternoon we cannot not rule out a few pop up thunderstorms, another sign of the shifting weather patterns that is indicative of springlike weather. by lunchtime, near 60 degrees with increasing clouds. mostly cloudy later this afternoon and evening. high temperature of about 68 later on today. well into the '70s tomorrow all the way through the weekend. most likely into next week as well. we have a chance of rain here and there. tonight and then a chance of thunderstorms tomorrow. friday and saturday we cannot rule out a few isolated thunderstorms of popping up. that's a forecast. back to you >> . thanks so much. it is 6:20 on this monday morning. >> a busy weekend for the washington redskins. a little news over the weekend. we will look at what you may
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have missed. >> a website that allows people to accuse you of having an std. is this going too far? next "anderson."
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>> now to sports. a wild weekend for the washington redskins. you have heard the news that
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they have the second pick in this year's draft presumably at baylor quarterback griffonin. >> arrested official has told us they're working on another deal that could be finalized in the next day or so. stay tuned for that. if in the meantime, landry will be parting ways with the redskins. that report surfaced over the weekend. peyton manning the sweepstakes will go on. he visited with officials from denver and arizona. miami is also considered to be in the running. he does have a house there. the nfl mvp is expected to decide sometime this week where he will play. if word is it probably will not be today or tomorrow. >> tiger woods was forced to withdraw from the cadillac championship over the weekend.
6:25 am
the golfer was suffering from soreness in his achilles' tendon. it is the same one that injured last year, which caused him to miss two majors. the seven he will have it evaluated this week. >> it's monday morning, 6:25. still another half-hour ahead. >> a local coach accused of sexually abusing a teenager speaks out of the days after prosecutors dropped the charges. >> a mass shooting at the university maryland foiled. that is straight ahead. >> prepare for springlike
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♪ gt35 turbo charger. ♪ ♪ and they'll all know that it's kevin's awesome car. ♪ bought em! ( clears throat ) sorry. when it's on your mind it's on ebay. >> live and in hd, this is good morning washington on your side. >> i never think of anybody getting shot or there being any mass shootings on this campus. >> college park in the cross hairs.
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students reacting to a classmate's campus that. >> and a massacre in and afghanistan. a rogue u.s.soldier went on a shooting spree. thanks for waking up with us on this monday, march 12. i am pamela brown. >> i am steve cheveney. cynne simpson is off this week. we start with lisa baden. >> i want to go to newschopper 7, because they are flying over new carrollton maryland, with an accident on the ramp from 45 0 to the beltway. in the transition lane. traffic is able to get off just fine. it is a minor slowdown on the outer loop apps 450 new carrollton. -- at 450. looks good near the ikea. and in springfield, headlights on northbound 95 right now plenty of traffic out of newington getting up to the beltway. now to adam caskey.
6:30 am
>> temperatures are on the upswing. yesterday we made a student low 60's. the upper 60's today. in the '70s tomorrow. get used to that for a while. 35 in leesburg, 34 in all the. around the beltway is warmer. 47 in ellington, and 42 la plata. highs today in the upper 60's with increasing clouds. becoming cloudy after lunchtime today. some areas of light rain expected to develop the night and into the early morning hours tomorrow. the mainly while we are sleeping. a thunderstorm possible tomorrow afternoon, mid 70's for the high temperature on tuesday a. get used to that. doug hill will have the seven- day forecast in a few minutes. >> we will try to get used to. the university of maryland students undergoing a psychiatric evaluation after allegedly threatening to carry out a mass shooting on campus. >> 19-year-old alexander song, of fulton, maryland, posted the
6:31 am
message saturday night police. >> a sophomore was detained and arrested inside his dorm here on campus that at the university of maryland. if this morning is undergoing a mental evaluation. police did not find any weapons on him or in his room, but they do believe this was a serious. serious the 19-year-old alexander song posted a number of threatening online messages this weekend disturbing enough for readers to contact police immediately. he wrote that he was going to be part of a shooting rampage on campus and stated that he wanted to be on national news and that the shooting spree would not end until police killed him. the young man was detained so quickly here on campus of that school officials did not issue a campus wide alert. this morning he has been charged with misdemeanor disorderly conduct. more charges are pending. john gonzalez reporting, abc 7 news. >> thanks so much.
6:32 am
a rogue u.s.soldier went on a deadly shooting spree in southern afghanistan. he left his base and then killed 16 people in two villages. brianne carter is a news wrong with how the white house and the military are responding to this potential international crisis >> . a concern for safety is on the rise with the taliban vowing revenge. the u.s. embassy is warning american citizens about the possibility of retaliation. this comes as we're learning more about the soldier allegedly behind the shootings that the afghan president is calling unforgivable. rising tensions between the u.s. and afghanistan this morning after an american soldier allegedly went on a shooting rampage killing more than a dozen civilians. >> i cannot think of anybody in the world killing 16 civilians and including children being ok anywhere in the world. much less when you are wearing the american flag and that
6:33 am
uniform. >> >> investigators are interrogating the alleged shooter, a 38-year-old sergeant from fort lewis, washington, serving his fourth deployment overseas. the army staff sergeant, apparently carrying an automatic weapon and a pistol, left his base and went to a nearby village and shot the victims at random, gunned down at least 16, including nine children and three women. >> definitively, this was an individual acting alone and not with authority. we also have the individual, the suspect, in u.s. custody. >> president obama called afghan president karzai to offer condolences. in a statement he said "this incident is tragic and shocking and does not represent the exceptional character of our military and the respect of the united states has for the people of afghanistan." the shootings comes one month after u.s. personnel were seen burning korans.
6:34 am
some say these two incidents are evidence of a setback between the two countries. brianne carter reporting, abc 7 news. >> thanks so much. in the day ahead the commonwealth begin presenting its defense of a wrongful death lawsuit against virginia tech. the parents of two students killed in a 2007 massacre claimed the school delayed issuing an alert after two shootings at a campus dorm. the school officials say they did what they could with the information they had a time. 32 people and the gunman died in the shootings. the man accused of sending a threatening letter to members of congress will be arraigned today in portland, oregon. christopher carlson was arrested friday near portland. more than 100 letters were sent to members of congress containing non-toxic white powder. peck this point is charged with sending threatening letters to house speaker john boehner and senator barbara mikulski. >> turning to the 2012 campaign it's another crucial week in the
6:35 am
republican presidential campaign. candidates will face off in alabama, mississippi,, and american samoa tomorrow. -- why hawaii and american samoa. there was a debate between the virginia and maryland governors yesterday. >> president obama under his leadership we have had 24 months in a row of positive job creation every month. >> we have lost 864,000 jobs since the beginning of this administration. 8% 9%, 10% that maybe the best barack obama can do but not as good as americans need. >> virginia governor bob mcdonnell has endorsed mitt romney. he and governor o'malley said the economy will be a major factor in this year's campaign. >> thanks. what would your reaction be if
6:36 am
you learned you were headed for columbus ohio? it is exactly like this. that was the scene on campus sunday evening as the georgetown hoyas learned of their seeding. north carolina star heels are the no. 1 seeded and the hoyas a re number two. and mike allen will join us in a few minutes with the latest from the campaign trail. >> 100 years of the girl scouts. how organization will mark a milestone. laces? really? slip-on's the way to go. more people do that, security would be like -- there's no charge for the bag. thanks. i know a quiet little place where we can get some work done. there's a three-prong
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>> it's monday, march 12, welcome. it is a good morning. 95, 66 270, b-w parkway, things running in our favor. there is a minor crashed on the outer loop at 450 that has been taken care of. no worries on 270. this is the volume southbound paranormal out of germantown to get to david gergen and
6:40 am
rockville. green lights near dale city. all clear in and out of baltimore on 95. back inside. >> coming up on 6:00 for this monday morning. >> we will check in with doug hill for the forecast. we may finally get some consistency with temperatures. >> absolutely. the weather will feel like ma y rather than march this week. we will be in the 60s today. cooler temperatures north and west of the city in the 30's. 47 degrees downtown. we will climb into the 60 this afternoon and may be near 70 degrees. clouds increasing this afternoon as the leading edge of the warm air approaches. on a satellite and radar you will see them. a storm moving across the midwest, potentially pushing a warm front in our area. we will have scattered showers later this evening. temperatures in the fifties tonight. breezy tomorrow with an unstable
6:41 am
air mass. a rapid warmup. average high about 54. showers through the evening patches of light rain 48-53 tonight. we will check out the next seven days. 76 and 77 heading through tomorrow and wednesday and thursday with a few isolated thunderstorms tomorrow. maybe some more showers as we hit late friday and saturday. 70's straight through. in more detail coming up in a few minutes. >> thanks so much. that looks promising. girl scouts is 100 years old today. they are celebrating everywhere. on march 12, 1912 the first group was started in savannah, georgia with just 18 girls. there are more and 3 million
6:42 am
now nationwide. an interfaith service will be helped at the national cathedral on. april 28 to on its 46 degrees on this monday morning. >> another round of primaries and caucuses tomorrow. mike allen has a look at what we can expect. >> prosecutors have dropped charges against a montgomery high school coach accused of having sex with one of its athletes. i am jummy wheeeeeeeeeeeee!
6:43 am
whee! whee! wheeeeeeeee! ah heads up. wheeeeeeeeee! everything y love about geico, now mobile. download the nei geico app today.
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>> japan pausing to mark one year since the era quake and tsunami that devastated the country. >> there was a moment of silence is today at the exact time the qwikster of the that triggered as a, a wall water into the coastal communities. 92,000 people are dead and still missing. the earthquake is also blamed for near meltdown fact at the
6:45 am
fukushima nuclear power plant. a small part of the country is left uninhabitable. >> and the mark one year since the bethesda yoga store employee was brutally murdered on the job. jayna murray was found beaten to death inside lululemon store. co-worker brittany norwood was eventually convicted for the attack. if the store held an open house is today in her memory. of all our arrangement with the letter j was placed in the front window and pictures of the jayna murray were posted inside the store. --a fall or arrangemenplans broke out in the district in southeast last night. firefighters put out the fire quickly. no reports of injury. >> d.c. police are still looking for the gunman who opened f anded \ fire inside and the west
6:46 am
washington ihop restaurant. it may have stemmed from an argument. the victim is in critical condition at last check. the former montgomery high school coach accused of sleeping with a teenager speaks out. >> this comes days after prosecutors dropped the charges against scott spear. jummy olabanji is live in rockville to explain why. >> good morning. prosecutors say the reason they drop all the charges is because of a loophole in maryland state law. meanwhile, scott spear and his attorneys say now that it charges have been dropped, 51 is teaching job back and his coaching job back here at the high school. >> i really miss my basketball players. when something like this happens you just wonder if you ever can get your life back. >> last month montgomery county police accused scott spear of having sex twice last spring with a 16-year-old girl that he coached,, richard montgomery high school cross-country team. prosecutors dropped all charges
6:47 am
against him on friday. he and his attorney would not comment on specifics of the case but they did have this to say. >> even if every allegation that was made in the statement of charges could have been proven, no crime was never committed. >> scott spear told us that he is never been inappropriate with any of his athletes or students. >> i am just close with the kids i teach and coach. >> prosecutors said charges were not dropped because of lack of evidence rather a loophole in state law. if it is not illegal for part- time school employee in maryland a matter how old to have sex with a student 16 years or older. >> it has to be a full-time teacher or some full-time employee of the school. that was just not the case here. >> prosecutors with the district attorney's office are working with state legislators to try to close the loophole in maryland state law. scott spear says that he's working to get his job back even though the county will not
6:48 am
comment. jummy olabanji reporting from rockville. >> thanks so much for that report. prosecutors in jerry sandusky -- and jerry sandusky's lawyers will meet with the judge today to discuss how much information jerry sandusky should get a fourth trial on child sex abuse charges. his lawyer wants to know more about where and when the alleged crimes occurred and who was nearby. he has denied the allegations and is under house arrest. voters in alabama mississippi american samoa, and hawaii will decide who they want to take on president obama this fall. >> mike allen is with us. washington is getting a little attention in the south by southwest film festival. >> in austin id is more of a technology and interactive
6:49 am
festival. there were people there from the obama campaign talking about how they're using technology. we have seen an example this morning on the president's rhee letson website. there's a march madness bracket challenged and you can go on there and fill out your bracket and they will post the names of anybody who beats the president. they have your e-mail and they can come back to you and raise money and ask how you feel. >> any word on who he is picking yet? that should come out soon. >> i want to talk about afghanistan, slayings by a u.s. soldier, another major setback. how was the white house handling this? >> the president came out right away to talk about how disturbing this is, a little short of an apology. here the soldier was acting clearly in a way that had
6:50 am
nothing to do with the soldier's command. but if you are in afghanistan, you do not see it that way. it makes any sort of negotiation much tougher. the taliban has vowed revenge. afghanistan wants to try this soldier. the president of's efforts to turn the page in afghanistan will be much harder now. >> and they're talking about an exit strategy there. thanks, mike allen. >> there's a big primary tomorrow. we will talk about that later. thanks so much. time for traffic and weather every 10 minutes. starting with lisa baden. >> nothing right now maryland or the district. everything is status quo. metro rail reporting normal service systemwide. in virginia, normal volumes out of dale city on 95, 66, manassas, centreville slowing and 50. this is 395, the backup leaving edsall road past duke street and
6:51 am
up to seminary road, kind of typical. back inside. >> now to doug hill to look at the forecast. you dial spring in a big way. >> that's right. in the 60s today. when you look outside you will notice the change for today life savings time makes a difference. just a hint of sunrise on the way. sunrise at 7:23. it does not set until 7:13 this evening. temperatures around area on this monday morning 47 in 10 states right now 47 in arlington. mild temperatures. everybody will be even and out through the morning. we will climb through the '50s and '60s and enjoy a little sunshine. then increasing clouds with the next system coming through. an area of rain to the west developing with a storm center developing in the great lakes. that will place a warm front
6:52 am
through the area this evening and at temperatures will hold overnight in the mid 50's tonight with a few showers and patches of light rain. then spring breaks out all over the place in the '70s around here. it will be a stretch of warm days. showers will be moving into the region later this evening. mostly light rain. that should move out. then we will be back on track with sunshine, breezy weather, it will feel like spring the next couple days. skies will become cloudy today. showers developing later, as in the upper 60's. the fifties tonight. areas of light rain tonight. mid 70's tomorrow, afternoon thunderstorms. how many more days of the spring weather? adam caskey has the seven-day in a few minutes. >> you can talk as long as you want with a forecast like that. >> i know. >> thanks. still cool, 46 d
6:53 am
6:54 am
6:55 am
>> 6:00 hour 55 right now. the university of maryland student been evaluated after allegedly threatened to carry out a mass shooting on campus. alexander song was arrested after posting threats on line. he is charged with disturbing school activities. >> the taliban has vowed revenge after an american soldier allegedly shot and killed 16
6:56 am
civilians in southern afghanistan. the soldier has been detained according to officials. >> the georgetown hoyas march madness-bound. the third seed, will take on belmont in columbus, ohio, on friday. >> let's take one last look at traffic and weather. we start with lisa baden. >> newschopper 7 is looking at traffic on the baltimore- washington parkway. this is close to the exit for nasa goddard. moving nicely northbound and southbound near the beltway. the weather is so nice >> . beautiful today. arab spring like all weeklong. we will be well above average. but not record-breaking. in order to break records this week, we would have to make it well into the 80's. instead we will be well into the '70s or the majority of this week. rain tonight and chance of the venice john camara. a bright sunshine wednesday and thursday. >> we will take it. thanks for being with us this morning.
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